How To Book Your Hunting Trip

Most clients are unfamiliar with how the booking and payment process play an integral roll in an outfitter’s day-to-day operations. Hollow Ground operates throughout the year, based upon the installments from its clients.

February 1st

The first installment is due. This allows us to secure our first installment to our landowners. This will allow us to maintain and obtain the best property in the area.

June 1st

The second installment is due.  This is also time for the application process for your permits.  We will handle the entire process for you.  Please make sure you fill out the permit info form completely.  If you have not received the form to fill out, please let us know.  The cost of the permits is included in the price of your hunt.  This makes the entire booking process easy and hands-free, an incentive for our clients.

September 1st  

The third and final installment is due.  If your payment is not received in full by September 30th, your hunt and all monies paid in will be forfeited.  If you need to make other arrangements, please let us know.  We will be willing to work with you to the best of our ability.

You can book your hunt with us by contacting us directly (217-440-0319) or by filling out our online booking form and submitting it by email or fax. Your hunt is not considered “booked” until your deposit of $500 has been received. This is a non-refundable deposit. Please see the cancellation policy for further information.

Please fill out the form,Download, Print and Return

There will be a 3% Convenience fee added to all credit card transactions

Cancellation Policy

The Hollow Ground cancellation policy is simple, yet fair to both the client and the operation. If you cancel your hunt prior to June 1st, all monies received less the $500 non-refundable deposit will be returned within 60 days of the cancellation. Clients that cancel after June 1st but before September 15th will be able to roll their entire payment over for the next hunting season. HGGS will roll your deposit one time, for the following year. Any hunts canceled after September 1st will forfeit all monies paid. We will do our best to work with your circumstance and fit you into our schedule. This policy ensures commitment from our clients and ensures our ability to fulfill our commitments to our land owners.


Please fill out the form,Download, Print and Return


All major credit cards are accepted. Call anytime 7 days a week to reserve your hunt



Rates and Dates

2024 Rates and Dates

Scheduling Dates and Rates are subject to change

Hunt TypeDatesDurationPrice
Opener10/01 - 10/44-day hunt$3,000
Youth Firearm10/12 – 10/143-day hunt$3,000
Pre-Rut10/23 – 10/275-day hunt$4,000
Rut10/29 – 11/025-day hunt$5,000
Rut11/04 – 11/085-day hunt$5,000
Rut11/10 – 11/145-day hunt$5,000
Rut11/16 – 11/205-day hunt$4,000
Gun 111/22 - 11/243-day hunt$5,000
Gun 212/05 – 12/084-day hunt$4,000
Muzzle-loader12/09 – 12/11 (Friday – Sunday)3-day hunt$3,000

All Permits and Licenses are included in the cost of the hunt!

2025 Rates and Dates

Scheduling Dates and Rates are subject to change

Hunt TypeDatesDurationPrice
Opener09/30 - 10/34-day hunt$3,000
Youth Firearm10/11 – 10/133-day hunt$3,000
Pre-Rut10/22 – 10/265-day hunt$4,000
Rut10/28 – 11/15-day hunt$5,000
Rut11/02 – 11/065-day hunt$5,000
Rut11/04 – 11/085-day hunt$5,000
Rut11/06 – 11/105-day hunt$4,000
Gun 111/21 - 11/233-day hunt$5,000
Gun 212/04 – 12/074-day hunt$4,000
Muzzle-loader12/08 – 12/10 (Wednesday – Friday)3-day hunt$3,000

All Permits and Licenses are included in the cost of the hunt!

Our Customers


By far the best outfitter hands down. If you want a true deer camp experience this is it. I cannot say enough about their dedication to the client and the hunt. These guys are just awesome. You’ll never go hungry in camp with the absolute best home-cooked meals in western Illinois. Sure there’s a bunch of outfitters you can choose from but if you want a truly memorable hunt experience look no further. This IS it!!! From the minute you arrive, until the minute you leave, you are treated as family. It’s not only about the animals but more about the people. I promise you, you won’t be disappointed!!

Greg Mancilla


Wouldn’t even consider hunting anywhere else in southern Illinois. These guys know what they are doing and most importantly are passionate about it. If I could give them 6 stars I would.

Andy Borders

“Highly Recommend”

Antonacci Outdoors has hunted with Harrison Lane @ Hollow Ground for 7 seasons. Knows his land, his deer patterns, and his positioning of stands for various wind conditions. Highly recommend!!!

Joe Antonacci